What We Do

When we work with our clients, our objective is simple. We exist to make our clients more profitable.

We know that fee earners need to be able to minimise risk and unrecovered time, through planning and controlling litigation for their clients. We work with fee earners to make them more productive and efficient so that they can turn their hard work into maximum profit.

Making litigation profitable is a continuing challenge for law firms. Attracting clients, running cases efficiently and proportionately and winning them for clients are all critical. Turning your hard work into profit is essential and this is what we help our clients to do. Our clients can rely on our expertise as costs experts.

We are a trusted partner for our clients. We have an established reputation for identifying costs issues, developing solutions and providing technical expertise and strategic support to firms whenever it is needed to help our clients grow and thrive.

Costs management

We use our extensive experience with costs managed litigation to bring practical insight as well as technical expertise to the work we do. We use bespoke Excel spreadsheets to produce Precedent H and all supporting documents.
We work in partnership with each client’s fee earning team:-

  • We identify the ‘assumptions’ for the litigation ‘road map’
  • We liaise with counsel’s clerk and experts to obtain fee estimates
  • We identify relevant and appropriate contingencies
  • Following the first exchange of budgets, we analyse and compare the budgets filed by the parties
  • We provide a full report of matters agreed and issues still in dispute in advance of the CCMC
  • We help our client fee earning team to monitor actual costs incurred against the figures in the approved budget
  • We deal with budget revision applications
  • At the end of the case, we establish the effective/ triggered approved budget
  • We provide a full detailed assessment service for costs managed cases
  • We deal with applications to exceed an approved budget





Bill drafting

  • We apply our comprehensive knowledge of solicitors’ costs at each stage of the costing process.
  • We have an excellent reputation for the high standard of our bills of costs, which are produced in Excel.
  • We deal with all types of civil litigation, including commercial litigation, clinical negligence, personal injury, Court of Protection, judicial review and solicitor and own client work.
  • We also have experience in specialist group action litigation.













Costs Negotiation/ Recovery

We maximise the recovery for our clients. We minimise the disruption to fee earner’s time and the timescale for getting money into the bank. Our commercial and proportionate approach is brought to bear in our analysis of offers and our constructive dialogue with paying parties and we provide clear advice. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that there is maximum control over the costs process:-

  • For receiving parties, we prepare replies to points of dispute and negotiate to maximise their costs recovery.
  • We analyse claims for costs and use bespoke spread sheets to calculate negotiating brackets, Part 36 offers and to value open offers made by paying parties.
  • We prioritise the swift passage through to assessment of claims which are not going to settle and we pursue interim payments of costs aggressively at all stages.
  • We aim to make this a costs neutral process for our clients by claiming our costs for this work from the paying party.
  • We also have extensive experience of preparing points of dispute and advising paying parties in relation to their costs liabilities.
  • When a matter is going to a detailed assessment hearing, we deal with all aspects of the advocacy process on your behalf. We prepare thoroughly to make sure that you have the greatest chance of succeeding at court.
  • We also have extensive experience of preparing points of dispute and advising paying parties in relation to their costs liabilities.

In house training

Our accredited in-house training sessions are always valued by our clients. During these sessions, we pass on our knowledge of costing issues (including costs management, J-codes and the new format for bills of costs) to fee earners and we offer practical advice on how to manage their files in order to maximise the recovery of profit costs. We also offer advice on negotiation procedures and best practices and how to improve performance at detailed assessment hearings.